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Jahmings Maccow New CD His First Release On Liquid Cyber Records Entitled "NEW WAY"
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Jahmings Maccow has branched out from Catch-A-Fire and The Enforcers bands to become more of a Rhythm & Blues, Rock Guitar Player and a more polished Songwriter.In the mid 1980's when Dance Hall Music was coming to it's lows, there was this conflic on the rise between Reggae and Dance Hall Music. Reggae Music was projecting a positive vibe, while on the other hand Dance Hall Music was projecting a negative vibe, with this internal conflict going on, it was giving Reggae Music and Reggae Artists a bad name in the Business, it even boiled over into The Enforcers band between Jahmings and Dance Hall artist by the name of Lion who wanted to push slack lyric in the band and Jahmings wasn't going to have none of that going on in his band. After things started getting increasingly worse on the Reggae scene in New York City. In the fall of 1987 Jahmings packed his bags and headed west to a little music school on Ventura Blvd. In The Valley, Los Angeles, California to study under Jazz Master Pianist Dick Grove. He wanted to broaden his musicial vocabulary, but even more so he wanted to master the Blues. One day he was going from his home in Hollywood, where he used to stay at the time, on his way to school in The Valley as he jumped off the bus a few blocks away, as he used to like to do before going to school, to clear his head, as he was walking slowly towards the school with his acoustic guitar over his shoulder a brother by the name of Blade came out of no where and pulled out a twelve string acoustic guitar and started to play some amazing Blues Riffs and some Jimi Hendrix tunes for him and told him he should concentrate more on playing the Blues because it is the root of everything, and it seems as mysterious as he came he just disappeared on to Ventura Blvd. Jahmings spent two years at Dick Grove Music School, and during that time period he signed a songwriters contract with Sunrise Records and wrote a single for Buddy Raye titled:"Yesterday" which came out on the Hollywood session album in 1989. Also in the summer of 1989 Jahmings went back to New York City to record the track title:"Isn't This Love" at his friend Paul Henton's home studio, and to some shows. After his days at Grove he did some TV shows and wrote a string of songs in Los Angeles. In 1991 he flew back to New York City to record the track title:"Doomsday" with his friend Paul in his home studio. In 1993 he took a break from writting and recording to put together his home recording studio in the California Valley where most of the tracks for the "New Way" CD was pre-recorded. All of programing and most of Instruments were played by Jahmings Maccow on this CD except "Isn't This Love" and "Doomsday". Paul Henton played Bass, Keyboards, and did the Drums Programing along with Carolyn Tenore on Background Vocals. On this album Jahmings explores the styles of R&B, Rock and Latin Music styles while still maintaining his Roots in Reggae. The album's Rhythm Tracks were recorded at Rebels Production Recording Studio in Los Angeles, California. U.S.A. Jahmings Maccow's home Recording Studio. The over dubbing and Mastering was done at Two Guys Mastering Studio.

Rebels Production
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive #260
Toluca Lake, CA