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Technology is a beautiful thing and this is especially true when it is used to creat unique promotional opportunities for an upcoming artist release. The recent launch of Liquid Marketing Services is making it possible to reach millions of potential customers over the internet in a unique way. The Liquid Music System is cost effective from an advertising standpoint as well as making it possible to fine tune or even change an entire promotion at a moments notice. In this world of instant gratification even the most die hard music fans probably will not wait around 10 minutes or longer for the chance to hear a high quality 30 second preview of their favorite artisr. Thanks to Liquid Audio, you won't have to. Now we're not talking about some grungy sounding, heavily compressed, low fidelity sound file, but true high quality audio over the internet, delivered to the end user as only the Liquid Music System can do it.

The Rasta Unite Tour.

COMING SOON!!! To A City Near You FEATURING: Jahmings Maccow, Emanuel Walsh & Jahmark. Check back soon for more info.

Catch-A-Fire Liquid Tracks & CD.

All of the tracks on Catch-A-Fire CD is available for downloading in Liquid Audio at the web site at the bottom of the "bio page". The CD itself will be available soon at CD and

Eugene Grey And The Birth Of Catch-A-Fire Band .

Eugene Grey in 1971 was the band leader for resident band in most hotels and some nightclubs in Jamaica. He recorded with most of Jamaica's top recording artists including Bob Marley's band "The Wailers". He made many television in Jamaica, and toured with the group "Fab 5". He performed at the Kingston Sheraton Hotel, Jonkanoo Lounge with resident band, "The Caribs", worked with "The Jamaica Allstars Jazz Orchestra", which was the backing band for "Carafesta 76", an international event. 1976 he migrated to the United States with his own band name J.S.I. (Jamaica Subway International). Later on he was Musical Director for "The United Day Carnival" Brooklyn, N.Y. For two years. He performed for six months in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Atlanta Underground with his own band "Craetion". Creation gave birth to Catch-A-Fire Band in 1981.
New Way CD
Jahmings Maccow CD is available at, Amazon.Com, CDNow.Com and

Reggae News Press Release
Most Jamaicans are not yet familiar with the multitalented reggae musician, Emanuel Walsh but in Japan, Emanuel Walsh is a widely recognised name. Born January 26, 1962 in St. Mary, Jamaica, Emanuel Walsh, a past student of Alpha Boys School started singing in church at the age of eight. In 1979,he migrated to New York with his parents. This talented musician plays several instruments, writes, composes, arranges, sings and produces from studio work to live performances in Reggae, Pop and Rock. For Booking, Studio Work and any other information Please send an e-mail to